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These symptoms tell you if you are suffering from vitamin deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency


  • dry skin
  • dry eyes
  • vision problems

Vitamin A deficiency has a major impact on eye health. The so-called night blindness is frequently one of the first indicators. This means that persons who are impacted experience visual distortions and difficulty orienting themselves in the dark. The eyes are unable to adapt to changing light conditions with this disorder. If the shortage persists for a long time, the cornea and conjunctiva may be permanently damaged. In the worst-case scenario, blindness is inevitable.

Vitamin A insufficiency affects the skin and mucous membranes in addition to the eyes. The skin frequently turns dry, scaley, or horny. Skin blemishes and infections may arise as a result. Mucous membranes are also susceptible to infection and dryness. Infectious disease problems are more likely to occur. Growth issues in children are possible because vitamin A is involved in bone production. There is a chance of miscarriage or developmental abnormalities in the child during pregnancy. Such difficulties, however, are quite uncommon. Furthermore, an excess of vitamin A can damage the unborn child. Both extremes should therefore be avoided during pregnancy.

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