Community Pastor’s Corner – finding light in the dark

As I write this, it is pretty much dark already and it’s only half way through the afternoon. Short winter days and overcast weather can make it feel dark all the time. And this year more than most, many people are heavy of heart.

Advent is the Christian tradition of waiting for the coming of Jesus – his birth Christmas, his coming in our own hearts and the hope we have for his return one day. It is a time where we wait in the dark for the coming light.

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It doesn’t take much light to change a situation, just try lighting a match in the dark. And in the middle of all the rush to get food and presents and worry about who we are permitted to see or who it is sensible to see this Christmas… Why not pause each day to allow a little peace and a little light into your life?

Breath prayers are said, as you might guess, as you breath in and out, a sentence at a time. Someone I respect greatly taught me this one, concerning Jesus:

You see me

You know me

You love me

Why not try it? Just pause while you wait for the kettle to boil, or as you put your coat on to go out the door, or while you wait in the supermarket queue. You might be surprised at what a difference such a small prayer can make. Like a match in the dark, it can pour light into your soul and lift you from the worries you carry.

A moment to breathe

We all lead such busy lives, and as we enter the Christmas season, it can get even faster. Added in of course this year are the pressures covid19 bring.

So it might seem odd for me to be saying, “take time to breathe” but actually, a moment each day where you can decompress a little, will provide great benefits to both you and those you love. Allowing the stress level to go down a bit means you have more energy for everything else.

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It doesnt have to be anything buig or long – perhaps a cup of coffee and watch clouds go by, or a warm bath at the end of the day after the kids have gone to bed. Or perhaps a chapter of your favourite book or half an hour given over to a craft project you have forgotten.

Or playing crash bandicoot crash team racing with my husband (yes that might just be me). the point is, it is (half an hour if you can, but ten minutes will do) some time to get off the worry mill, and enjoy the moment.

How will you find time to breathe?