Tuesday, September 26

Jealousy towards people or other pets in our dog

Since you have decided to take a puppy home, along with it, you know that you will have to have all the necessary resources for the proper development, care, and health of your pet. He will need to feel loved as he is a very social and communicative pet. He will express his moods through his actions and behaviors. The coexistence with our dog can become quite complicated if jealousy appear.

Jealousy of dogs

For sure, it is not known if dogs can feel jealous. However, certain aspects and/or behaviors can lead us to affirm it. You must bear in mind that your dog or dogs generally do not experience this attitude in the same way that we humans do.

Dogs can feel jealous in front of any person or other pet that can steal the spotlight with their owners. They show an emotional response to the sensation of possible loss of the desired subject or object.

The origin of canine jealousy is found in a change of roles, says the psychologist and ethologist Helena Bat, who explains that “for a dog, which functions in a hierarchical way, it is difficult to understand this unexpected change of roles” when it stops having attention prior to the arrival of the new family member, a baby, a cat, and another dog.

The dog’s jealousy towards another person

Each pet will have its peculiar way of showing its displeasure and disappointment, normally we will observe that our companion will have a more aggressive, apathetic, depressed, or downcast attitude, which will require more attention and support from you, to overcome this stage.

Jealousy in a pet has to do with the education that we have given him since puppies, that is, your dog will be jealous if at this stage he has not understood the role he occupies within the family to which he belongs, he must know who he is who rules at home, if you have not understood this, you will feel rejected by the arrival of another pet, the birth of a baby or the visit of strangers.

The socialization that you have provided him since he was a puppy, will allow him to learn to interact with other peers, and with you, he will learn to share, to play, and thus he will get used to it.

Help your dog against jealousy

You must never use physical punishment as a remedy, you should not lose your calm, or get angry, because with this attitude the only thing you will achieve is to make the situation worse. You can gently grab him from behind the neck to show your authority if necessary.

The most advisable thing is that you dedicate as much time as possible to your dog with games and activities, without changing his routine schedules, since it is very important that he does not get confused or feel relegated.

There may be certain signs that warn you that your dog is suffering from jealousy, such as:

  • Irritability, especially when the person or pet that makes you jealous is present.
  • Mood swings, he can show his teeth and growl and soon have a normal attitude.
  • Being very possessive of the person or animal they want to monopolize, they are “obsessed” and persecute them.
  • It may be the case that you destroy objects in the house to attract attention and relieve your tension.

Let’s help them share

If the situation does not improve, there are canine education and ethological rehabilitation centers for animals where they will advise you by providing expert solutions.