Tuesday, September 26

How to take off makeup: 6 steps for this all-important care

Do you not give up that devastating makeup on a daily basis? Then see how to remove makeup correctly and thus ensure your skin’s health.

Let’s face it: makeup is one of the women’s best allies. After all, it enhances beauty even more, hides imperfections, and gives up self-esteem. But there’s no point in perfecting your application if you don’t know how to remove your makeup.

This is because, if left on the skin, it can lead to the occurrence of several problems, such as increased oiliness and the dreaded acne. In other words: no makeup sleeping, ok?

But, how to remove makeup effectively and without damaging the face? That’s what we’ll tell you in this article. Stay with us!

Why should you know how to take off makeup?

Makeup removal should be part of your daily skincare as it ensures that your skin is, indeed, clean. Even the lightest products should not stay on the face for a long time, as they block pores.

The reasons, however, go beyond that. By taking the right actions, you will also:

  • Removes cosmetics, impurities, and dirt that can cause irritation or contribute to premature aging;
  • Reduces the risk of causing pimples, blackheads, redness, and other types of blemishes;
  • Eliminates dead skin, promoting cell renewal;
  • Allows your skin to breathe;
  • Stimulates local blood circulation.

Thus, the moment you learn how to remove makeup, you will have fresher, smoother, toned, and hydrated skin. In other words: even more radiant to rock your daily life!

Tips on how to remove makeup effectively

Don’t be in a hurry

When it comes to removing makeup, especially from the eye area, haste is the enemy of perfection, as the saying goes. The calmer and more patient you are, the less you will attack the skin to eliminate the residues.

So, a tip is to apply a makeup remover and let it act for a few minutes. This will smooth out eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara so they come off easily when you clean without having to scrub the spot — which can irritate and contribute to wrinkles.

Choose a good facial soap

Wet wipes and astringent products are good allies. But, we have a confession to make: nothing replaces the double soap and water. It’s the one that really manages to remove waste and prepare your skin for subsequent hydration.

Remember, however, to choose a product that is specific for the face, to preserve your skin’s pH. How about trying Agradal Detox Facial Soap? Made with activated charcoal, it promotes deep cleansing and detoxifying, helping to reduce oiliness and excess shine.

Use an oil-free Cleaner

Although they are complementary, makeup removers still help to leave your skin cleaner. That’s because they manage to eliminate even the most stubborn cosmetics, such as waterproof mascara.

Clean the eyelids well

If you have an area of ​​the face that is usually forgotten during cleaning, it is certainly the eyelid. When this happens, traces of mascara and eyeliner can accumulate and cause eye irritation.

Therefore, perform the steps we suggested above with even more attention here. However, no rubbing or using very strong products, ok?

Secure hair to clean near the root

This is a basic tip on how to remove makeup: keep your hair up. In addition to preventing the strands from falling over the face, this allows you to clean the entire line close to the root.

In fact, it is common for people to accumulate residues in this region, causing it to clog the pores, cause eruptions, and increase the oiliness of the hair itself.

To help, you can use a sash, which also prevents bangs from getting in the way of your precious skincare moment.

Prefer cotton pads

Do you usually use those cotton balls? Know that they can leave residue or break during use, leaving lint on your skin or eyelashes. Over time, this can cause some sort of local irritation.

Therefore, opt for cotton discs, which are flat and compressed. Also, prefer softer textures absorb liquids better, and do not break easily.