Tuesday, September 26

How to properly style the trendy Mom jeans

Solid denim, high cut and a classic carrot shape: Mom jeans were already very popular in the 80s and are now one of the must-haves of your wardrobe.

Mom jeans are the cozy counterpart to skinny-fit skinnies. And it’s still absolutely stylish! You can find out how to best combine them and what to look out for here.

5 tips on how to best combine a pair of mom jeans

Buy them the right size

Because it is cut loosely, you shouldn’t follow your impulse and buy it in a smaller size. The relaxed style especially makes them a favorite. Enjoy the comfort and choose a suitable size.

Otherwise, it can happen that a camel toe is emerging and that it is too tight at the waist.

Wear your sweater or shirt in your pants

Yes, you read that right! These jeans only work really well when your tops are tucked into your pants. Even thick sweaters. This is the only way to shape the baggy look of the jeans, because your body proportions come into their own.

If this is too unusual for you, combine it with a long cardigan.

Choose the right shoes

The mom jeans have a tailored shape that ends at the ankles. That means your shoes or your feet are part of the styling!

Boots are perfect for this in autumn and winter. The mom jeans look really good when they are rolled up to the waistband. Combine sandals or pumps for warmer temperatures.

Choose the right color and wash

Most mom jeans are available in classic denim blue. Depending on your taste and figure, a darker color can look nicer or even a light color. The mom jeans are available in raw denim or alternatively with ripped jeans.

Pay attention to quality

This point is extremely important with jeans, because after all, your new styling partner should be with you for as long as possible. Good quality is important so that the new mom jeans don’t tear unexpectedly or quickly lose their color or shape.

Make sure that the seams sit well, the fabric has a good grip, and is preferably made of sustainable cotton.

But what is the best way to combine mom jeans? We’ll show you what you should look out for when combining, so that you can put yourself in the limelight with her.

Casual street look

Combined with a statement shirt or a top with sewn-on patches in all possible shapes and colors, the mom jeans can be perfectly styled. Shirts with logos from rock bands are also the ideal style partner for denim trousers.

It is best to wear cool sneakers, casual slippers or trendy mules. With a stylish little shoulder bag and matching accessories, you perfectly round off the look! A cool oversize blazer can also be perfectly combined with a street look.

Our tip: The T-shirt must be tucked into pants so that your hips can be seen to advantage! A small belt makes the whole thing look even more fashionable.

Fashionable chic

However, with the cool fashion piece from the 80s, you can also create a more elegant look: Combine a wide blouse or shirt with trendy mom jeans, regardless of whether they are plain or patterned.

It is also sufficient here if you casually tuck the top into the waistband on one side or at the front. Chic pumps or heeled sandals make your legs look even longer.

Our tip: The look works even better if you roll up the ends of the pants a little. Combined with a clutch and eye-catching jewelry, you are perfectly styled for a chic dinner, and you can also put your sense of style to the test!