A moment to breathe

We all lead such busy lives, and as we enter the Christmas season, it can get even faster. Added in of course this year are the pressures covid19 bring.

So it might seem odd for me to be saying, “take time to breathe” but actually, a moment each day where you can decompress a little, will provide great benefits to both you and those you love. Allowing the stress level to go down a bit means you have more energy for everything else.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

It doesnt have to be anything buig or long – perhaps a cup of coffee and watch clouds go by, or a warm bath at the end of the day after the kids have gone to bed. Or perhaps a chapter of your favourite book or half an hour given over to a craft project you have forgotten.

Or playing crash bandicoot crash team racing with my husband (yes that might just be me). the point is, it is (half an hour if you can, but ten minutes will do) some time to get off the worry mill, and enjoy the moment.

How will you find time to breathe?

Mindfulness an easy start

Mindfulness is one of those things you see talked about all over the place. But what is it? And what is it for?

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Mindfulness covers a whole bunch of techniques all aimed at helping you live in the present moment, rather than caught up in the past or the future. And the point of it is to help you live the life you have, rather than being eaten up with shame or worry because of past or possible future events.

So where to start if you have never tried it before? Why not have a go at these three activites:

Activity One: Mindful Eating

Find something small that you like to eat. As you eat it, concentrate of what it smells/feels/tastes like. If distractions come, simply note them and go back to concentrating on what you are eating.

Activity Two: Have a go at Zentangles.

There are lots on Pinterest, or simply google how to make a Zentangle. It is a way of doing something creative and in the moment.

Activity Three: What do you see?

Go look out of a window and look to see how many man made, and natural things you can see. Take your time, there is no hurry. Note them down if you like.

How did you feel after trying these? How easy or hard was it for you?

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