Tuesday, September 26

Cat peeing in bed: causes and how to break it off the behavior

The cat is still undisputedly the most popular pet. As a rule, the velvet paws are cute and cuddly. However, if the cat pees in bed, the fun stops with many pet owners. But why does a cat go to bed? And how can you best get rid of it again?

When a cat urinates in bed, there can be many different causes. We would like to present these to you in more detail below. We also give you tips on how you can wean your cat off this behavior again.

Cat pees in bed – these causes may be behind it

Cats are very popular pets. They are very straightforward and require less attention than a dog. You also don’t have to go outside, as a cat can do its business in the litter box.

However, both dogs and cats use their urine for marking. This means that they want to convey something to their owners by urinating. In addition to physical problems, psychological factors play a major role.

So if a cat pees in bed, it can be for a number of different reasons. We want to explain these to you in more detail in the following chapters.

Gently wean the cat off the behavior

If fear and stress lead to this behavior, you can help your cat by making your cat feel safe and secure. Get it used to a new life situation as carefully as possible. Sometimes familiar objects or smells help cats get used to a new environment.

In these situations, show your cat a lot of love and affection. In no case should you scold your cat when he pees in bed? Instead, eliminate the mishap without comment.

If your cat has major problems with a new animal roommate, you should give her time to get used to the new situation. If there is still no improvement after a while, you can also ask an animal trainer for help.

Tip: To take the stress out of your cat, you can also use Bach flowers or special pheromones. It is best to get advice from your vet.

If it’s too late – effectively eliminate the mishap

Every cat owner knows that the smell of cat urine is sometimes unbearable. Cleaning the affected textiles is often very time-consuming. In order to get the urine smell off the bed linen and sheets, special cleaning agents are sometimes necessary.

First, soak up the excess liquid with a cloth. Then wash the affected area with clean water. You can then put the textiles in the washing machine. Use enzyme cleaners instead of normal laundry detergent to remove the odor effectively.

Unfortunately, the urine is usually so deeply absorbed that the bedclothes and sheets are affected and the mattress. However, this is not that easy to clean in the washing machine.

To remove stains from the mattress, you can rinse them with a mixture of vinegar and water (ratio 1: 1). Leave on for about 15 minutes. Finally, absorb the excess vinegar water with dry towels. You can also put some baking powder or baking soda on the mattress. This absorbs the remaining moisture. Leave on for a few hours and then vacuum off.