Tuesday, September 26

8 Things Happy Couples Do — and 8 Things Don’t

To make a relationship work for years, there is no perfect formula. Each couple has a way of getting to know each other, accepting and adapting to the relationship. However, some things can be considered basic for a relationship to be happy and healthy. Also, things that have the opposite effect. Are you going the right way?

8 Things Happy Couples Do

Respect for individuality

Even being a couple, this relationship is formed by two individuals who already had a life before the relationship, who have individual tastes, desires, and commitments. Happy couples insist on maintaining that individuality.

Lots of talk about everything

Chatting is the key to any kind of relationship. The conversation is not just about clarifying issues and solving problems. But also, conversations without pretense, just to exchange ideas and enjoy each other’s company. Happy couples love to spend hours talking about everything.

Honesty is always present

With careful choice of words, speaking the truth is another essential habit of happy couples. The relationship starts to deteriorate from the moment you start hiding things from each other.

Support at all hours

Everyone needs to have someone by their side to support them at all times. Even when the other person is wrong, support is important to make them see that they can do something different, and that you are there to help them improve.

Love is declared

Demonstrations of affection are frequent in the life of a happy couple, whether they are alone or together with other people. This demonstration is natural and uncontrollable because of their passion for each other. Kisses, hugs, caresses, holding hands, smiles, affectionate looks always find a way to show how much they like being part of the relationship.

Accept the other as he/she is

While everyone can improve and evolve, each person has a personality with characteristics that don’t change. Happy couples understand this, and respect who each other is, not wanting to keep changing their tastes and thoughts all the time. When these changes occur, it is natural, not forcing.

The desire to improve is part of the routine

While happy couples do not try to change each other, each one feels the desire to be even better for themselves, for the other, and for the relationship, as they are nurtured with love and affection all the time. When you want to please someone, you always try to give your best. And this is reciprocal in happy couples.

Valuing moments together

Things that happy couples DON’T do

Invasion of privacy:

Happy couples don’t snoop on each other’s lives on the sly, doubting each other’s word and invading privacy. They are not questioning who they are talking to, where they are going and what they are thinking.

Demand undivided attention:

There are many happy couples who spend practically all of their time together, but this happens naturally and by the will of each one, never out of obligation.

Games and manipulation:

When a relationship becomes based on games and manipulation of feelings, it stops being happy and makes sense. These attitudes only demonstrate insecurity, and no relationship evolves with this behavior.

Physical or verbal aggression:

In no sphere of life does aggressiveness do you any good or help you in anything. Much less when it is aimed at someone who is caring and passionate. Happy couples always find respectful ways to talk and resolve issues they don’t agree with.

Envy and dispute:

Happy couples want to see each other’s happiness, and they never think their relationship is a competition. After all, it isn’t. Each one values ​​the other as much as possible, vibrates with the other’s achievements, and helps each other to grow more and more. They know that when the other person is happy in their personal and professional life, they become a healthier, more passionate, and pleasant person to live with.