Tuesday, September 26

5 games to liven up family moments

Who doesn’t like to have fun? Moments with little ones and little ones are great opportunities to stimulate adults and children’s playful and playful side! We chose some games to liven up family moments with that in mind. That way, you and your children can enjoy every moment together. Check out!

5 games to liven up family moments


Tell the child that you will now be an alien! And because of that, you don’t know anything on this planet. So, invite the little one to be your guide: walk around the house (the game can be played in a park too) and ask her to explain what each thing is. Ask, “What is this?” while pointing to an object, food, person, etc. Then let the child explain in their own words what each is.

And it’s possible to go further, with questions like “What does it do?” or “What is it for?”. Ask questions to explore objects, sounds and feelings, for example. Then reverse roles! You can be the child’s guide as he or she asks the questions. This game is great to train observation and expand the perception of small and small.

Draw a song

Set aside sheets of paper, markers, pencils or paints. Then put on a song the family likes. Sit down and ask everyone to take a deep breath, feel the music and let themselves be guided by it to make a special design. The idea is for each person to draw something based on how they feel when listening to this song. You will be amazed by the results!


Set aside straws and a pot for each participant. Draw and cut out fish figures, which will be spread on the floor or table, for example. Then, each person must catch a fish with the straw in their mouth. For this, it is necessary to suck, inhale and hold the air. Then, take the fish to the pot, releasing the air. Whoever can catch more fish wins!

This game is very interesting because it helps to train balance and breath control. However, it can be adapted according to the age of the little ones.

What are you listening to?

Sit in a circle. One participant will be the guide, while the others close their eyes and remain silent. Once the guide speaks a participant’s name, he or she must speak the first sound he is hearing. It could be the sound of your own heart, your breathing, the ticking of the clock, the sound of a car passing in the street… Anything! The idea is for each person to speak what they are listening to at the moment their name is spoken.

Here, the objective is to stimulate hearing and the perception of the environment. In addition, play encourages children’s attention and focus.


First, put on some loud music. Everyone should dance non-stop until you pause the music or say the word “statue”. Then everyone should remain silent and not move for a few seconds or even minutes.

Remember to adjust the time according to the child’s age. After all, the smaller it is, the less time required without moving should be. And you can’t laugh or scratch or make any other moves! Whoever can stay still more often wins.