Tuesday, September 26

5 empowerment lessons Rihanna has given us: being ‘real’ is one of them

Rihanna has achieved success in everything she has set out to do, from conquering the music industry with several Grammys and People’s Choice Awards and Billboard Music Awards, to becoming a millionaire thanks to her businesses.

But the Umbrella businesswoman and singer is also a tireless fighter and promoter of inclusion and female empowerment. Here we review some of the lessons that his actions have given us about self-love:

Love your skin tone

Her cosmetics line, called Fenty Beauty, not only started a trend in the beauty world, it also delivered a powerful message about inclusion and self-love for our skin color.

Makeup has been available since 2017 and for all skin types, as it has 40 different base shades. Rihanna’s idea taught companies and all women that all skin colors should be treated the same.

Appreciate the sensuality of the body

In 2018 Rihanna launched her lingerie brand Savage X Fenty, but instead of being a line of intimate apparel for women with model bodies, the garments come in all sizes and are modeled by curvy girls.

The aim of the artist with these clothes is to show that, outside of beauty stereotypes, all bodies have their sensuality and what matters is that women feel beautiful for themselves.

Wanting our curves

At the age of 33, the Pon De Replay singer left the slim body of her early career behind and now sports curves with which she has declared she is proud and demonstrates it with constant sensual photos on her Instagram.

Her body-positive attitude teaches all of her followers, who are 112 million on Instagram alone, to accept themselves as they are and not to pursue the impossible standards of beauty imposed by society.

Get out of the comfort zone

The Don’t Stop The Music singer simply enjoyed her success as a singer but decided to take a chance with her cosmetics line, lingerie, and acting career.

Her decision has paid off and, according to Forbes, she is the richest singer in the world. So his departure from the comfort zone is a message to women that they can achieve what they set out to do.

Staying “real”

Her unfiltered and sincere personality has made her songs and her products loved by her fans, but also makes her a star that women can relate to, seeing her as she is in their daily life, without makeup, without pretending.

In an interview with InStyle, the worst mistake women can make is to compare themselves with someone else and be guided by the idea of ​​social networks that must be perfect; that’s why she tries to teach them to be “real.”

“I only know how to be me, and people thrive when they are who they should be. I can only try my best to encourage girls and women to respect their uniqueness and be 100% true to themselves.