Tuesday, September 26

4 secret friend ideas to do as a family

If there’s a game that is always present at the end of the year get-togethers, it’s the secret friend. Whether at the firm’s party, at school or in the family: he always guarantees a lot of laughs! But aren’t there more innovative secret friend ideas? The ones that can please everyone, without distinction?

We are well aware that the secret friend can be very dear to everyone. From the moment of the draw until the time of revealing and exchanging gifts, this game is usually a real success! However, it can also be the target of complications at the same time. After all, who doesn’t have a story about a secret friend gone wrong? Or a gift had absolutely nothing to do with the person who received it? Thinking about it, how about knowing several other ways to reinvent the good old secret friend?

So, to make your New Year’s Eve and your dinner even more fun, we’ve brought you 4 Secret Friend ideas to make as a family. Check out!

4 secret friend ideas to do as a family

Before we start our list, it’s worth remembering that the key to success for all secret friend ideas is to combine a maximum and minimum value for each gift. We say this because, that way, we avoid discomfort and disagreements, okay? So, choose one of the secret friend dynamics, set the gift values ​​and have fun!

Friend of the Jaguar

Also known as “Secret Enemy”, you can already imagine what happens in this game, right? Here, the objective is to choose fun and funny gifts, as the intention is to make the moment a big joke! But, of course, always with great respect.

Also, if you have children participating in the game, it is important to be aware of the tone of the present. This is because a sense of humor is something we acquire over time, and children may not yet fully understand the idea of ​​a “Friend of the Jaguar”. So, in addition to the fun, how about booking a real gift that she will really enjoy?

This is a way of not causing discomfort with children, for example. After all, the Christmas party must be a good time, to become a good memory for a lifetime.

Handmade Friend

This is one of the most economical and fun secret friend ideas. Plus, it has the power to unleash our imagination!

As its name suggests, Amigo Artesanal’s idea is to present the participants with something made by ourselves. So, use your creativity and craft your secret friend’s gift. Of course, he or she will never forget!

And if the kids in the group are participating too, how about making a special secret friend for them? That way, they can use their own hands and all their imagination to make a very special gift for their secret friend, such as a drawing, a collage and much more.

In this sense, the Artesanal Friend is also an incredible way to exercise affection, as it involves dedicating time to the happiness of others. So this is one of the coolest secret friend ideas for the end of the year!

Sweet friend

Also called “Amigolate”, this is the ideal game for chocolate lovers! The rule is simple: only chocolate is a gift. Bars, cakes, bonbons, boxes, brigadeiros, truffles and all possible variations. That’s why this one is perhaps the simplest and most delicious among all the secret friend ideas!

The Sweet Friend is also valid for the children’s secret friend, who can participate in the entire process of preparing or choosing the gift. But, as with any other type of secret friend, don’t forget to keep an eye on the stipulated values, ok? Thus, we are sure that no one will feel frustrated when receiving your gift. And there’s one more very important detail: don’t forget to check if participants have restrictions or even food allergies!

Thematic Friend

In this secret friend format, just choose a theme for the game to happen. Slipper, mug, t-shirt, book, slippers and whatever else your imagination sends! That’s why Thematic Friend is one of the coolest secret friend ideas, especially when it comes to the holiday game between children.

Through Thematic Friend, our little and little readers can exercise their memory and present their secret friend with that favorite book, for example. And this is certainly one of the coolest ways to give someone a gift, as a book is always an invitation to our imagination.

So how about talking to the family and making a book-themed, kids-themed secret friend? That way, you can also stimulate a taste for reading! And, who knows, even start a family book club, using the gifts received.