Tuesday, September 26

10 Secrets of a Lasting Relationship

A lasting relationship is built together, day by day. Passion defined the starting point. Love became the foundation. And with him came friendship, affection, respect, companionship. With the decision to marry and live together came the responsibility: how to keep it all alive? It’s important to see the relationship as a path the two have chosen to walk hand in hand. And for this journey to last and be happy, it is necessary, with each gesture, to remember, strengthen and renew the reasons that motivated the first step.

Believing that their relationship started from a beautiful love story, we give the couple 10 basic words so that this fairy tale can be sustainable and lasting. Remember that everything starts with a pure feeling and a mutual commitment of respect and happiness.

The 10 Words That Make a Difference:

  1. Companionship: A companion love learns to give in, to be present in situations that are not your favorite (but which may even become), out of respect and affection. Companionship leads to complicity, making the couple understand each other with a simple gesture or look. Admiring and defending the other is also part of it.
  2. Freedom: Marriage is not really a prison. Stay free and independent. Don’t lose your personality. Give in sometimes, yes. But canceling yourself, never! Keep your professions, family, friends, in short, your identities. Find out how to reconcile this with life together.
  3. Self-esteem: Always take care of yourself. The first secret to being loved (and continuing to be) is to love yourself. After marriage, along with routine, children, etc., often comes personal carelessness. Do not forget to take care of your health, hygiene, and beauty. A different hairstyle, a new outfit, a healthy habit can work miracles.
  4. Respect: Be tolerant of each other’s faults, learn to accept the differences and idiosyncrasies of those you love. Each one has its own. Discover how to surpass yourself and evolve together. Respecting the choices of others is also essential, sometimes people need to learn from their own mistakes. And remember that when mutual respect ends, the relationship becomes more and more difficult.
  5. Dialogue: Accepting defects does not mean harboring resentments and grievances. Speak your feelings clearly and kindly, not critically. Take time in the relationship to express your feelings and also to listen to each other. It is not enough to wait for the opportunity, it is necessary to prepare the atmosphere, make room for conversation. Unhappiness is sister to silence.
  6. Change: Face the routine, change the way you do everyday things, add new things, however small. A different ingredient can completely change the taste of an ordinary dish.
  7. Surprise: Try new things, new places, new activities, new circles of friendship, maybe even a renewal of wedding vows. Learn different things together or individually. Gifts and treats outside special dates are also welcome!
  8. Praise: Cultivate a positive attitude. In place of criticism, a compliment. Instead of complaining or sarcasm, a relaxed joke. Remember the reasons that led you to the altar.
  9. Touch: Maintain physical contact. A touch, a caress, a hug are vital to ensure the exchange of energy and maintain the atmosphere of romance and the feeling of “emotional presence.”
  10. Intimacy: In addition to affection, sex life also needs care not to fall into sameness. Lack of sex can be as damaging to a relationship as an uneventful sexual routine. And bringing the new to the moments of intimacy is a task for both!

All of this advice is the result of observation and the various studies carried out throughout the history of human relationships. But there are no ready-made recipes for happiness. Each couple must find their own ways to make their relationship lasting and happy. The important thing is that this task is natural, permanent and, above all, mutual.