Saturday, June 3

The 4 things that end love

Love is not immune to weather and bad weather. It needs to be cultivated every day.

In a lasting relationship, having love is more important than keeping that strong passion burning like it was in the beginning. Passion is fleeting, but love is forever. But love, to stay alive, needs to be cultivated like a plant. It needs to be watered, fed, protected, cared for. Otherwise, it’s over. See what the main things that end love are.

1) Lack of respect

One of the pillars of love is respect. When a couple respects each other’s truth, privacy and personality, it is a way of nurturing the love that exists between them in a reciprocal way. The opposite is the same logic: when they treat each other with stupidity, intolerance and arrogance, love starves and dies malnourished, a little every day.

2) More differences than things in common

One thing is certain: opposites attract. It is quite common to see couples in love and happy who have many different tastes. But they also learn to like some of the things the other likes and discover together, through living together, new things they like to share. If this sharing does not exist, and there are no common tastes, the couple does not spend quality time together, and the love will weaken.

3) Excessive jealousy

Nobody can stand to live with a very jealous person. Jealousy is a destructive feeling, like an illness for love. The more jealous attitudes, the sicker love gets until it dies. And it’s fast!

4) Feeling rejected

In a long-term relationship, each individual goes through several phases that can involve personality changes, the emergence of new desires, adherence to new habits and the need to spend time alone. All of this is normal and understandable, but it cannot result in a partner’s rejection. When one of the parties feels alone, love wanes until it is so small that it no longer makes sense.

And what to do when love ends?

First, you have to come to the conclusion that love is over. As long as there is doubt or fear of facing the truth, the couple remains together, but unhappy. Some spend decades without loving their partner just for comfort, fear of change and of facing the other’s reaction.

But it turns out that by forcing yourself to be with someone you no longer love, you are preventing the two of them from having the opportunity to find a new love and be happier. So there are two alternatives:

  1. Choosing to separate may be the most mature and sensible decision you will make once you are sure that love is really over.
  2. Call the partner in for a frank conversation about what you are missing in the relationship. Talk about things that, if improved upon, love can rekindle, and everything will go back to the way it once was.