Sunday, June 4

How To Dress To Go To A Wedding With Flat Shoes

Going to a wedding with a flat shoe can be unthinkable for many, but the truth is that you gain comfort and do not have to lose an iota of elegance or style. For whatever reason, it is an option that is increasingly seen in different formal events. Here are some tips to help you look really cute even if you are closer to the ground.

The best looks to go to a wedding with flat shoes

Some of the most important influencers in our country have already done it, so going to a wedding with a flat shoe does not seem like such a crazy idea. We propose some looks so that you can be comfortable and chic at the same time, why not? Discover them!

Long dress with flat sandal

Long dresses are a success for weddings, as long as they include dinner and a whole night of dancing and DJ sessions. Some high-heeled shoes would seem the perfect option, but since it is about preventing our feet from suffering, we are going to opt for a flat sandal.

If your event coincides with good weather, this is the perfect choice to be very cute and not have to think about taking your shoes off. The style of the sandal will depend on the prominence you want to give it:

  • You can take advantage of the length of the dress to hide it.
  • You can also go for an eye-catching design that makes all the guests look at your feet.

Rhinestones are always an excellent option in case you decide that your feet want to attract attention, although they are also very fashionable:

  • The metallic designs
  • The patterns
  • The pompoms that give a fun touch
  • The studs for the most rock and daring

Choose the best model taking into account the style of the dress you are going to wear.

Cocktail dress with ballerinas

Ballerinas, princesses, French girls, or flats; Whatever you call them, these shoes are always a popular option when you want to go formal and elegant without sacrificing comfort. With a cocktail or short dress, your legs and feet will show off magnificent.

Choose some to match the dress’s colour or in line with other of your accessories, such as the bag. Some dancers on your feet guarantee to have a good time without suffering and look very cute in wedding photographs.

Some designs include decorative elements that are perfect for weddings, such as a bow, rhinestones or an elegant and discreet buckle.

Midi skirt and flat shoe

If you want to break with the tradition of the dress, go for a midi skirt. They are in trend for formal events, well combined with a silk blouse or a top they are perfect.

If you decide on this option, choose flat shoe style slippers or loafers. These are formal shoes that also stylize your leg when combined with a skirt that slightly exceeds the knee.

In the case of the loafer, do not choose a too formal and serious design, since it will seem that you are going to the office; opt for a shoe with an eye-catching element, such as a different pattern.