Saturday, June 3

9 Signs That Someone Is Really In Love With You

Anyone who has already fallen in love knows very well what happens to their way of seeing the world. When the image of the loved one takes over the mind, the rest of the world takes a back seat. The colors become more vibrant, the smile becomes looser, even the eyes begin to smile. The soul becomes lighter, problems matter less. Falling in love is wonderful! But how do you know when someone is really in love with you? Check out these tips.

The person in love wants to be present

The person who is in love with you wants to keep in touch all the time. Of course, she knows she has to hold back, so she doesn’t look like a fool and doesn’t get in the way of her routine. But, she will make a point of liking your photos on social media, perhaps making a comment praising you. If they are already exchanging messages, you will receive a few (or many) a day, wanting to know how you are doing or wanting to brighten your day in some way.

Create encounter situations

Passion makes people more creative and invests more in meeting opportunities. “Coincidences” can happen, like meeting the person in love in a place you always go or bumping into them on the street (nothing by chance, of course).

Receive gifts and surprises

There are many ways to show that you are in love with someone. Giving gifts and making surprises is a very suitable way for some people. If the person who is in love with you starts giving you presents, making invitations or surprising you with good things, the doubt is over: she is really crushed, because all she wants is to see your smile and be noticed by you.

The passionate look does not fool anyone

The person in love can even try, but at some point, all their passion will show just by looking. She gets distracted looking at nothing. When he realizes that he is in the same environment as the person he loves, he really does, even trying to hide it. The look is usually embarrassed, but it can also be serious or quite inviting, depending on the person’s personality.

Anxiety for the encounter

Some people play that little game of seduction, playing hard to get, as if they didn’t care. But when you make arrangements to meet, she’s ready ahead of time, cancels less important appointments, and spends the day thinking about what to wear and what to say. A pleasant anxiety takes over the body as it prepares to find the most special person.

Talking nonsense accidentally

Everyone tries to avoid it, but it’s almost impossible. The person in love can come to you with the most boring talk in the world, simply to start talking. Or, you’ll arrive wanting to say something romantic, but you’ll scramble the words and end up saying nonsense. Typical behavior of lovers!

Can’t stop talking about the loved one

Whoever is in love lives in the clouds, it’s true. That’s why the look is lost and, when a person opens his mouth to say something to a friend, he will usually talk about someone he can’t stop thinking about. When a friend you have in common with this person tells you that they can’t stop talking about you, have no doubts that passion is in the air.

Taking care of yourself more and better

Passion is one of the biggest boosters of self-esteem. The person in love begins to take better care of themselves, to worry more about their appearance, buying new clothes, changing their hair, in short. She does what she thinks necessary to make herself presentable and reciprocate the passion.

Trying to become more compatible

Ever notice how some tastes change when you’re in love? It’s normal to feel more open to liking what your loved one also likes, as long as it’s something that interests you too. This is where many couples succeed when they are sincere, as they have a lot in common. It’s just not good to lie to please, because a lie has a short leg.